NaBloPoMo: Day 13: The One With The Parties

So earlier this week CJ told me that he was organising a youth event and its going to be on the 24th of April. I pointed out that it was the Saturday before my birthday and he pulled a face that said it all. He’d forgotten that and he thought it wouldn’t matter, because I’ve always had little dos rather than proper parties. When you look back my last proper birthday party with music etc was my 18th (5 ish years ago) mainly because I was at uni and then had a lot of other bits and pieces around my birthday.

Anyway I’m not going to whinge about it now because there is a Plan B now and its not so much of a problem.

CJ has set up an event on FB and invited my friends to the party.

I’m kinda excited but also I’m not because its so far away at the moment its hard to be excited about something that is 5 months away.

Ah well more details to follow lol.

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