NaBloPoMo: Day 15: The One With A Million

So Mr Stephen Fry joined the ranks of the Twitter Millionaires – I know that Ashton Kutcher (@APlusK) was already there and there are a few others dotted around but somehow I was more excited about this one. I also think a Twillionth became a very cool word to know lol. (Haven’t had chance to watch this video yet!!!)


Apparently Stephen (yeah okay first name terms! haha!) is talking at the #140conf this week which should be awesome – JD is proper jealous that I’m could be in the same room as him – she’s funny! She keeps calling me a geek because I’m going to a “twitter conference” however she will be excited that she got another mention so I think that balances out at least a little bit lol.

P.s. New Doctor Who and Top Gear tonight! Unfortunately I won’t get to see either of them until sometime in the week 🙁

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