NaBloPoMo: Day 16: The One with The Trains

Like a child counts down to Christmas I’ve been counting down to #140conf – I’m not sure why I am stupidly excited – I think it’s also because I am going to go see Brains for the first time in like 6 months or more (I think it could have been Christmas 2008 which means it’s been nearly a year!!)

I am super grateful to her to – tonight is technically a work night for her and she has to get up earlier than you might to so that she can get across London on the tube and stuff like that. I am trying to be as little inconvenience as possible because I know how much energy entertaining a visitor takes – I’m sure we’ll be able to put the world to rights about nearly everything except from global warming and the credit crunch and even then I’ll probably remember tomorrow something that I meant to tell her. She’s going to meet me at Kings X/St Pancras which makes it a little easier – I’m not quite trying to find her house in the dark and stuff like that – so I guess that’s a little easier – I can window shop in the train station if I’m early lol.

I keep glancing over Twitter and looking at what people are discussing with regards to #140conf. I’m beginning to think that I should have gone down this morning and joined in the Tweet ups and stuff like that then met Brains at the train station or something.

I am a little worried about travelling in London on my own, last time I did it was when I went to meet CJ when he was doing the Tube Challenge – that was a little worrying for me because I wasn’t sure I had the right ticket because I got it from an automated machine thing (I didn’t have the right ticket – I needed a 1-6 zone card and had a different one or something like that)

I am probably going to blog lots on the train and tweet away to my hearts content – but first things first I’m going to have tea with CJ because this week is a little crazy – I’m away tonight and tomorrow and then CJ is away from Thursday through to Sunday.

Over and Out!


  1. Katie says:

    I spent a semester in London and lived on Upper Woburn right near Euston Station and I loved it and I miss it so much so I love hearing about Tube zones and King’s Cross! It was a couple weeks before I would navigate the tube on my own. I have dreams sometimes where I’m trying to find my way around on them again. Good luck getting around and tell London I love her and miss her very much!

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      That’s really cool. My friend lives near Manor House which is kinda cool. You should come back if you ever get chance 🙂

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