NaBloPoMo: Day 19: The One With The Choir Rehearsal

It’s Thursday that means it’s choir practice – well normally it’s band practice but today it was choir practice as the concert is 4 weeks on Monday!!

I am sure that if we were a proper choir, me, the Fairy, JD and Bex might have been kicked out – we can’t help it – we get the giggles sometimes and can’t stop – it probably didn’t help this evening that we were all squished closer together so one giggle multipled like twice as fast! I think we irritate the ladies who were sat behind us – I try and behave but sometimes I can’t help it lol.

I’m having trouble with focusing this week – there is just too much to be excited about. It’s bed time soon and I want to read some more of Making History by Stephen Fry so that I can get onto reading the latest Kathy Reichs book and the latest Dan Brown book. Bring on the reading fest!

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