NaNoBloPo: Day 18: The One With Some Bits

I’ve got so much to add from #140Conf – not neccersarily in order.

1. @drmasquerade (aka Adrian) (his website) was fab and guarded my phone while it charged for a little while behind the welcome desk! He was fab!

2. @DarenBBC‘s presentation and live interpretation of Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues was fab – I loved in! I was going to get up and dance I and really wished I had now lol.

3. The Education Panel was really interesting. There was: David White (@daveowhite), Digital Maverick (@digitalmaverick), James Clay (@JamesClay, Shirley White (@ShirleyEarley and Sue Black (@Dr_Black). It was really interesting especially when the subject of teaching Twitter as part of the IT curriculum came up. I asked a question/made a point: how would you use Twitter etc in curriculum if as soon as the curriculum is published and distributed its already out of date?

3. During the last speaker me and @swanny were at the back with her friend (I missed her name – she’s something to do with Girl Geek Dinners) chatting about the Zi8 cameras that @KodakCB was giving away.

4. At the end of the conference there was a mad dash for the Zi8’s as to enter the giveaway you needed to hand your business card to @kodakCB. I was first for the last camera but @kodakCB‘s sidekick asked for a shuffle and draw (this was like my third attempt to try and win one).

5. At the end people were hanging around chatting and various people were video-ing bits. I ran up behind the cameraman who was filming @darenBBC and pulled faces at Daren – the idea was to put me off but then he grabbed me and got me to join in his little video and then @KristianC got pulled in to and we started talking about young tweeters. (Me and @KristianC.

6. Before the last panel @Kyraocity gave us a little musical break – she sang this amazing song and I couldn’t help but bop along lol. I’d really like her CD – I managed to video a little bit on my phone but it wasn’t very good quality and you could only hear certain bits.

7. After being video-ed with @darenBBC – I was hovering around and there was a damsel in distress. @graphicalliance (aka Natalie) had no battery in her BB and desperately needed some charge so I whipped out my charger and we stuck her phone on charge for a few minutes before we got kicked out by the O2 people.

8. After the conference we headed to a local pub for drinks (we ended up at the Slug and Lettuce actually in the O2), on the way in I was asked for I’d – I thought this was hilarious because I don’t get ID’d very often now. One of the ladies made a comment about not being asked for her I’d – I honestly didn’t mind because its the doormen doing their job.

9. I hovered for a bit then @darenBBC sorted a drink for me. He poked the guy who had gone to the bar for the group. (I missed his name so couldn’t say thank you).

10. I hung out with Jez, @media_lad and @minxymoggy. I stood chatting to Jez about interests etc including music (Dusty Springfield and that I should listen to Dusty in Memphis album), my favourite songs and bands (City of Blinding Lights – U2, Your Sofa – Becky Higg, The Pretender, Learn to Fly, Times Like These – The Foo Fighters), My Favourite Film (The American President) and also why I liked it – we also briefly chatted about Obama and The West Wing.

11. @MinxyMoggy and @Jez chatted for a little while about PHP, C, C++, CShop, and other bits – I kept up to a certain point from what I’ve seen mentioned here and there.

12. @media_lad rejoined the conversation and we talked about HMV and the opening of new stores.

13. At about 7:30 I decided it was time to head off because it was going to take me around 45-60 minutes to get the tube across London and then like an hour for the train home. @MinxyMoggy, media_lad, and Jez as they went to talk to @dr_black, @darenbbc and @Kyraocity amongst other people as I was saying goodbye to @DarenBBC, @dr_black realised that I had asked the question earlier in the Education Panel bit and so we discussed quickly before I left a little more about IT and tuition in schools.

14. On the way out of the O2 building I called my Mum to let her know I was on the way to the station. I managed to catch the 2030 that was stopping in Bedford on the way to Nottingham. I spent most of the journey home reading Making History by Stephen Fry.

All in all, it was a good day. I had so much fun. I got home on Tuesday and wanted to tell CJ every bit of the day but he got grumpy with me.

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