NaBloPoMo: Day 25: The One With The Presentation

Today was D-day, I did my presentation. It was scary as! Originally I thought I was just doing the presentation to The Sales Guy, but in the space of about 5 minutes before I started the audience quadrupled! DUDE! SCARY! The Big Cheese and The Sales Dude had a chat about what it was about and stuff like that then I got on and did my presentation. I’m used to standing up to give presentations so it was a little weird being parked in the corner and speaking from there – especially as when I rehearsed it I was stood up at the other end of the table speaking to the empty chairs lol.

Anyway all in all it went well. We came back to my desk and had a live lesson as such. I put a message out on my own account just saying hi and that if people could say hi back it would be really helpful – I ended up with three messages in return in the space of about 5 minutes which was good because the plan nearly backfired on me lol. I spent a little while in the afternoon then tidying up my presentation and incorporating my notes so that it could be past round my colleagues so that they could then ask questions and stuff like that. I got the account set up and started to try and follow people and stuff – on my own account I just tweet away to my hearts content but I’m not really sure what to tweet on what is essentially a corporate account. Any suggestions?

If you want to see the presentation drop me an email or a DM @girltaristhan.

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