NaBloPoMo: Day 28: The One With Cold Hands

Today The Kiwi got home from NZ – she was just as excited to be home and she was the night before she left – I think that’s hilarious! I was pottering around trying to get various bits sorted before heading to the Outdoor Centre for the rest of the day. I was heading to the kitchen and The Kiwi shouted at me and told me to give her a hug before I disappeared!

I went to the post office and then went to the Outdoor Centre – When I got there CJ and the Youth Group hadn’t arrived so I sat in the car – I did get out for a little while but it started raining and it was really cold. We started the day with the platform task and then the Jacob’s Ladder. The platform task is about team building and trust and stuff like that. The idea is that you get three or four people to climb to the top of this platform and then they hang on by their wrists to each other and lean out (if you get it wrong then you find that one person might fall off and take everyone with them lol). Mr Q wanted to show off so when he got to the top he decided that he was going to jump for the trapeze – he was so good! He reached and then without really thinking about it he swung his feet up and dangled there upside down for a bit. When it came to my turn I got to the top of the ladder and couldn’t bring myself to go any higher – the telegraph pole that has the platform on was swaying in the wind and was kinda scaring me – okay it can’t go anywhere but there is something about it swaying that puts you off. I decided that I’d stay on the ground and belay as much as possible.

I like climbing and abseiling and stuff like that as much as the next girlie. Unfortunately when belaying your partner you can’t wear gloves because you don’t get as much grip on the rope. It’s cold in November (funny that!) So I spend most of the morning outside with rather cold hands.

In the afternoon we went inside and did some climbing and some people stayed outside to do Archery while we still had the light (I went out and had a quick go – did rubbish as per usual!). I didn’t do lots of belaying I mainly hung on the backs of peoples harnesses to stop them going up in the air while they were belaying someone else. Also was like an anchor by also holding onto the rope.

All it all it was tiring but it was good to hang out with the youth group and learn stuff about them and things like that. CJ said it would have been nicer to have more people but then he also said that it was good to have a smaller group it meant that we got to talk to everyone rather than feeling you didn’t talk to anyone.

We grabbed a pizza for tea and flopped in front of the TV. It was a lovely chilled out evening.

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