NaBloPoMo: Day 29: The One With The Nativity

Following my post about New Moon the other day – me, The Murf and Zoza were stood doing the washing up, we were chatting about films (As The Murf is the man for films lol.) We were chatting about New Moon and apparently according to the Murf when Jacob appears with no shirt on the whole cinema went a little crazy! I guess they were the die hard Team Jacob fans lol.

We also talked about Star Wars because I’d seen Episode 5 for the first time in years on Saturday afternoon – me and Ecco1993 also discussed it on Twitter because I got the quote right rather than wrong. Apparently Vader’s line isn’t “Luke, I am your father” it’s just “I am your father”. My brother used to tell me how there was supposed to be Episode 7 to 9 as well in the Star Wars series (I was going to call it a Sectology – like a trilogy and quadrology then decided that there isn’t such a word and although it sounds good I might get told off by people for making up a word that doesn’t make sense! And also had it been a nine parter would that make it a Nonology)

Anyway so the main point of this one was to talk about we rehearsed the Nativity that the youth group are doing. I have donated my part to one of the other girls in the youth group – I think CJ was reluctant to ask when he was assigning parts but then she came forward and said could she be involved so me and CJ gave her my part – so I am Stage Manager extraordinaire instead which is just as cool! I don’t think I have any performance blacks any more so a shopping trip might be needed hehe.

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