NaBloPoMo: Day Eight

Day Eight in Becca’s 30 Day’s is actually supposed to be a photo that makes me angry or sad but actually I’ve got a different post to write after something we were discussing yesterday afternoon.

I had lent my copy of Julie and Julia to my friend and so for the first time in ages I watched it. Both Chris and The Kiwi asked “Did Julia Child really hate Julie Powell and why?”

My best answer was that Child was 90ish and probably didn’t get the point of a blog and what Powell was trying to achieve.

Having read two different articles Julie Powell’s original blog and the book (that the film was then based on). The film definately has an ideal version of both Powell and Child – to a certain degree Child is the version that Powell creates in her imagination.

The two articles I read were here at and The second one explains that Child had read (or had the blog read to her) and felt that Powell wasn’t taking it seriously (althought the film sgows that she is seriously especially during her crisis points – although the tantrum on the kitchen floor makes me laugh.

My friend Dawn, made the Boeuf Bourguignon to Julia Child’s receipe – it looks so yummy! I still keep meaning to cook it but I don’t have a casserole pot dish thingy. A Le Creuset one would be lovely but they are a lot of money.


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  1. Rickie says:

    Enjoyed the post.
    Wasnt the film based on Julie’s blogging anyway, rather than Julia Child – so it was seen through the blogger’s eyes?

    I meant to put the book on the birthday list, darn it. Will have to read one day….

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  3. Emily Jane says:

    It was really interesting when I first came across Julie’s real blog on the project after watching the movie. She swears so much, haha. Great film – and good for your friend for tackling such a challenging recipe! That film really is inspiring though – I made a fancy Delia Smith recipe after watching it the first time.

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