NaBloPoMo Day Fifteen

If you have beady eyes you will have seen that I missed a NaBloPoMo post on Saturday. Well between my NaNoWriMo stint and seeing two friends on Saturday that I haven’t seen in ages I ran out of time. I got in to bed around 2am Sunday morning and realised that I hadn’t written it. I then couldn’t be bothered to get back out of bed and write something and postdate it to pre-midnight.

So what was I doing that meant that I didn’t write a post…

Friday – after work went to see my Mum for a bit. Well actually I was going to the post office next to her house but I popped in to see if she had any post to go to the post office but she needed to go anyway so we had a little stroll to and from the shop. I set up her printer so that she can print from her laptop downstairs or from the garden. I then headed off and went to the cinema – I wanted to see Burke and Hare (my Dad had been to see it and said it was good and seeing how he really dislikes the cinema then it had to be good!) but it had stopped being shown at Bedford so I saw You Again.

I got up about 10:30ish Saturday morning – I’ve become very lazy lol. At the moment I am trying to sleep enough to fight of the cold that is creeping up on me because if I’m not careful it’ll hit me Friday when I am trying to be fab at Radio 2 (Did I tell you about that? Maybe I should).

I was parked in front of my computer trying to work on NaNoWriMo (I’m currently like 2000 words behind so I wanted to catch up with that.) and my Grandma phoned to have a chat about Christmas which was cool. I then carried on writing.

At about 12:30ish my phone rang and it was JD wanting to see if I was free for lunch. Well going out for lunch turned into a whole afternoon – I got home from JD’s at about 4:30-5 ish – I’d gone to my Mum’s to drop off some shopping and decided just to hang out there till I went to the cinema with the Fairy. Except then Chris needed me to come to his rescue, so I had to do that.

I met the Fairy at 7:30 and we headed over to MK to go to the cinema, there were a few technical hitches but in the end we went to see Burke and Hare. The story line wouldn’t have been my first choice but the fact that it had Simon Pegg in kinda pointed out that it wouldn’t be serious acting lol.

I got home and crashed – I stayed up till 2am trying to catch up on my word count and I seemed to be doing okay but I’m probably going to fall behind again.

Sunday morning I got to church for just after 9:15 ready for band practice. It was Remembrance Sunday so In Flanders Field was read out and we had a two minute silence.

Following Church, Chris and me went to get some lunch so that I could be back at church to wrap boxes for Operation Christmas Child. We sent around 80 shoe boxes to the warehouse today which was good (although not as good as some years when we’ve hit 120 ish).

I was looking for the OCC website and found this video clip. I didn’t realise that 20th Century Fox and Walden Media who make The Narnia Chronicles movies had partnered with Samaritans Purse. The video is presented by Georgie Hanley who plays Lucy in the Narnia Films.

As the Narnia quote goes “It’s always winter but never Christmas” – if we wrapped 80ish boxes in one afternoon, that means we’ve made a different to 80ish children who wouldn’t have got Christmas presents – how awesome is that!

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