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iPhone 4 line on launch day at San Francisco Apple Store 169

Since the first iPhone came out a few years back I’ve been an iPhone fan, I did stray to the dark side (aka Blackberry) for a little while but the phone let me down and when my brother’s friend upgraded to iPhone 4 I snapped up his second hand 3G at least till my contract is up. Well that time has come – I can early upgrade from the beginning of December and am looking into the iPhone4 and other handsets.

Samsung Galaxy S

My friend has a Samsung Galaxy S and the pictures he took on his phone are amazing – they are very clear and I asked did he take it with a camera before I realised it was a phone.

HTC HD7-  Start

I’ve been looking at the HTC HD7, HTC Desire HD, Samsung Galaxy S and Palm Pre Plus. Yup more choice than I can shake a stick at but whenever I ask my network they are like “iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone”, I was going to ask while I was in a different network’s store on Saturday but then they didn’t have the ones I liked on show so I didn’t ask lol.

Okay so what about taking the iPhone out of the equation what is close next? I’ve had people say to go for Android (and the fact that some of the Android ones allow Tethering could make a huge difference). On the other hand having had a conversation with one of my colleagues this afternoon he’s sworn off HTC and recommended I went for Blackberry or iPhone. ARGH so complicated! Someone help please?

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  1. Becky says:

    That’s a tough one. I have heard a lot of raving over Android. I myself am a Mac user so the iPhone would have the most logical interface and integration with the rest of my devices, BUT I don’t have a smartphone at all. I just go green at the idea of taking on yet more huge monthly charges. I am happy with texting on my Blackberry and internet access with my iPod touch (and laptop when I need it).

    I suppose I’ll just be another iPhone robot when the time comes. I feel like I’m locked in to Apple products forever, for better or worse, amen.

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