NaBloPoMo: November 5

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love]
and Syndal from Synfully Delicious
NaBloPoMo 2013

This Weekend I…started the weekend by going to talk to my brother and my parents about some bits that are going on in our lives at the moment. Some were exciting and some were ranty but it was a good time with them.

This Weekend I…. went to church to help my friend Veronica set up for her little girl’s birthday party. The theme was a lemon yellow and pale pink. Veronica is a really cool photographer so there were loads of pictures on show too.

This Weekend I… had a very lazy Saturday. It was supposed to be productive but even on about eight hours of sleep I was struggling. In the end I spent like 4 hours in bed watching TV (specifically Charley Boorman’s South African Adventure and various other documentaries on BBC iPlayer). I got dressed around 11 but still stayed wrapped up in the duvet.. Eventually I got up and shuffled some washing around and made lunch. Then I moved the crochet production line to the sofa. Christmas is getting closer and my hands aren’t getting faster!

This Weekend I…was supposed to go to Veronica’s Little Girl’s birthday party but at lunchtime on Saturday she was poorly and the party had to be cancelled at the last minute. I was really disappointed and really hoped that she’d feel better soon. Our Sidekick arrived home and I told him that we weren’t going to the party but if his room was tidy he was allowed to out to play – as it happened as we were chatting his friend rang to ask if he could go out.

This Weekend I…well we had a visit from my Father in Law and Sister In Law. My FIL had had a massive clear out of his DVD collection and found that he had a bunch of duplicates – would we like to adopt some of them? Yes please thank you very much. I love movies! They arrived around 8ish and we went through the pile. We hadn’t actually had dinner so were treated to fish and chips.

This Weekend We…finished Season 3 of Downton Abbey, this means that we’re either going to get a Season Pass to start Season 4 or we need to watch the Christmas Special first (Can someone tell me does it run along side the normal story or does it bridge the seasons and contains spoilers that we need to know for Episode 1 to make sense?)

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