NaBloPoMo: November 6

NaBloPoMo 2013

I’ve spent all day trying to think about what to write about. Now at about 11:30 I’m trying to cram in a high speed post before bed!

Between crocheting Christmas presents, rescuing my Sister In Law when her car broke down (actually Chris properly rescued her – I assisted with 5 push start attempts!) and then hosting Connect Group at our house, I’ve been working on a letter to my friend Lizzie. She’s a penpal of sort but seeing as I see her at church and at Connect Group I’m guessing it doesn’t properly count as snail mail!

On the other hand I have got penpals all over the world. There’s Adrienne in Germany, Bobberdilly in Kansas, Lily in Missouri, Sarah in Australia, Lexi in Bootle (near Liverpool) and Becca in Norwich. (I think that’s everyone – did I miss anyone?) I love writing letters and they are all handwritten (like 99%) of the time. I love getting in from work and finding a funky letters tucked in the back of the door or on the door mat – especially if I’ve had a pants day and really need some sunshine. It’s funny how somehow on the really bad days a letter appears like my penpal knew I was going to have a bad day before I knew I was going to have it.

Do you like snail mail? What do you love about it?

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