nineteen: snow, family and friends

If you live in the UK you’ll know how we were hit by a bunch of snow in the last week – especially in the lady 24-48 hours.

I called a customer at work yesterday to tell her that her order wouldn’t be with her until Monday at the earliest. She said that she completed understood given how crazy the weather was. She was in South Wales.

We watched the now gradually get worse throughout the morning. I snapped a picture and emailed it to my colleague in the US. I imagine that she laughed when she saw it given that they had a couple of feet of snow rather than a few centimetres like we had in Bedford.

We were let out early from work because we weren’t sure how clear the roads would be and given it had taken my manager nearly two hours to do a forty five minute journey it made sense to leave while we had the opportunity. I signed into my work email when I got home as I could at least do that given my manager had let us out early.

I had plans to go out in the evening and wasn’t sure that it would be okay but actually the roads between my house and my friends house were clear and the end bit where it wouldn’t be 100% clear I could walk the rest of the way.

I had an amazing and lovely time at my friends house. It was lovely to hang out with my second mum, my adopted auntie (in that way that the little kids at church call us Auntie Hannah and Uncle Chris or Auntie Hannah and Auntie Chris in one case – thank you Mini Fairy!). We were also joined by another friend after the youth group. We had Indian food for tea – I had a korma with boiled rice as it was the least spicy on the whole menu and shared a garlic naan with adopted Auntie and shock horror I actually liked it and it was really yummy – I think with a spoon and more naan, i’d have eaten the rest of the sauce out of the takeaway tin. Well done Alamein you might have converted me.

I headed home via my parents house to collect the boys and at 10:30/11pm last night we had a late night snow ball fight on the green near our house. It was crazy and lovely and made me love my crazy little family even more.

Today started with an epic lay in for both me and Our Sidekick. Mine finished around 10am when Chris phoned me but I was feeling not right – my head was hurting so I think I had over slept.

On the other hand a lazy start gave me time to get my head round the day. I was catching up with my Uncle and his new family members. Then a crochet class in the afternoon. My two people didn’t show up but it’s okay – coffee with my uncle had been an extra hour and then I got to hang with my parents and talk spreadsheets with my Dad and watch the first two episodes of Season 8 of Bones (and borrow Season 7 from my Mum).

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