eighteen: my friday

Today was one of those days that I was so grateful for those around me. I had a horrible day yesterday and was just emotionally shattered this morning. Going to work was one of those “do I have to?” moments but actually once I got to work and got settled at my desk I was on a mission.

I had started a massive to do list yesterday to keep track of the ongoing outstanding bits I needed to do. About 10am it started to snow although it was tiny flakes that didn’t seem to make a lot of difference. But it became a joke about looking over to the window to see what was going especially as it involved looking at my managers desk. I had a chat with my manager which was good because it needed to happen kind of urgently.

By 1pm the canteen had decided to close and the staff in reception had switched to a skeleton staff for the rest of the day. We were let out early – I came home and Our Sidekick and me started on Italian homework and his History project. The history project isn’t going to be a one night assignment and is going to take a bunch of work – it means that he’s got history homework pretty much every day until its done. We’ve been learning about the Whitechapel Murders – also known as the Jack The Ripper murders. I want to include a psychological profile but that might be a bit over kill for Our Sidekick’s working level.

This evening I had dinner with two friends and then a third friend joined us. It was lovely to catch up, we played a card game called Dobble and a second one called Name Dropping.


Tomorrow we have another crochet session at The Fountain and I’m really excited. If you want to come bring a 4mm crochet hook and appear about 4pm ish.