October’s Brimbles Box

To me, it always feels like October should be calm before the storm that is Christmas.

Not this time round! October feels like it’s been more crazy than September was this year. One of my clients sent two big-ish projects my way both to be completed as soon as possible in October. This meant I spent about two weeks around looking after Jaxon working on these projects. I am grateful they were sent my way but it was great to get them ticked off and completed.

In addition to this, I had “Planner Wunderlust” and couldn’t figure out which planner I wanted to be in. As I write this, my TN is in my rucksack and my Filofax is on the arm of the sofa. But back at the beginning of October I received my Brimbles Box.


Following the release of the October Brimbles Box, Anna (aka Mrs Brimbles) added these printable Project Life Journaling cards to her Etsy Store. With some technical magic, I shrunk them into these stickers and used them as a countdown to the new Gilmore Girls episodes that come out on Thanksgiving this year (Trailer here). Yes I am just a bit excited and determined to fit “Oy with the Poodles already!” into an actual sentence.

With Jaxon now being 2 and being a bit more interactive, I attempted to write a Autumn Bucket List of things we could go out and do. All the stickers came from the 12×12 sticker sheet that came in the box along with one of the washi tapes. (The black and white in the background is the bag that the goodies came in)


Using some more of the stickers from the October box along with a few from the September box, I finished up with decorating the front of my current TN insert. Although they were different themes, they still work together in a way. (Oh the random spotty washi tape was from a penpal letter! Oops!)

Although it wasn’t entirely completed when I snapped this picture I think this is my favourite. I started by adding orange, yellow and red watercolours across the pages to create autumnal colours. Having seen Ali Brown using her Dymo labeller in her journal I invested in one to use in my journal and I love it! (I have a Dymo Junior as that’s what they had in the shop but I’m sure there are different options out there).

Using then stickers and printed out photos, I got arranging my layout to get writing about these couple of days in October. Pen wise I was using my Herlitz My.Pen Style Calligraphy cartridge pen – I think I’ve done something to the nib so I’m not entirely sure how long it will last but we can see.


I am currently a member of Mrs Brimbles Design Team. As part of this I receive a Brimbles Box each month and then show off what I’ve done with it. You can find more info about the Brimbles Box here and more about the Design Team here and here.