This Week – A Summary…

This week – all sorts happened to with the new name etc. I’m attempting to throw in some new blog post ideas and join in with link ups and all sorts. So having seen this one ping up on Twitter – I’m joining in.

This Week…

  • This week seemed like it was due to be busier than normal. When my sore throat turned into a cold, I started texting and emailing round to reschedule or cancel. Chris says he thinks that Jaxon must have had it last week and then I gained it. Thanks for sharing Jaxon!
  • This week, I finished two knitting projects. And although I should probably work on my temperature blanket more, I cast on another knitting project that might work as a Christmas present. It took about 3 or 4 attempts to even cast it on so I hope it’s worth the effort when I do finish it!
  • This week, Jaxon went to preschool twice. He even made a chocolate covered breadstick with sprinkles on it which was to be a sparkler as it’s Bonfire Night tomorrow. I made sure I got a little bit of relaxing time for, but I also did some work too.
  • This week, a car transporter decided to come along our road. Although there is a 7.5 ton weight limit and two mini roundabouts to navigate.
  • On Thursday, when I was feeling sorry for myself. I got a call about a possible new client – why do people ring when you’re feeling rubbish? I emailed them to confirm information and apologised for sounded rough!
  • Surprisingly, I stood on the scales at Slimming World this week and had lost 0.5lbs which is a small miracle given that I thought I’d made really bad choices all week!
  • My new tripod arrived a day earlier than expected. I didn’t get as far as recording anything but I did take photos of my feet!

Odd Socks

  • On one of the planning groups I’m part of, it was mentioned that one of the supermarkets have stickers in their Christmas catalogue – I might have picked up three copies. Well that’s one for me, one for Jaxon and one for my bestie’s superstar nephew. Just need to get the third set in the mail now.
Mr and Mrs T Plus Three


    • Hannah says:

      Hey Jo! A bit better thanks less congested which is always a good thing. Just going to hang in front of the TV and knit this afternoon until I go out a little later.

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