ok so should we not go to the supermarket

Apparently we have no food in the house – and that a Cup-A-Soup is filling enough for Chris but not for me. OK

Well if we have no food in the cupboard would it make sense to  go to the supermarket and get some food as it’s kind of a neccersary part of sustaining live – isn’t it or am I wrong?

Now both me and Chris get seriously cranky when we have low blood sugar. RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Super annoyed lol. I’m hungry and a cupasoup is really not inviting – I could do pasta because we do have some of that oh yeah so we do have food in the cupboard its just food that doesnt work for Chris.

Had a phone call this morning – I didn’t get the job at fitness first. I was going to be a receptionist – I probably didn’t look the part – the existing receptionists were quite skinny, equal tan (probably bottled or bed rather than natural lol), nice done nails (mine are all broken because they have got really weak, and i’ve been playing guitar more).

Anyway onwards and upwards!

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