Yarnology – Is it real?! Yeh it is!


Ok so I am joining in with a competition set by Girl On The Rocks. The Author of the Blog is a.k.a as Karrie – and she rocks lol!

So here are my entries – from the ones I’ve looked at I think mine aren’t very good but I am trying to be more positive now.


So I am going to do my best. There are 6 balls of chunky wool that was bought to make a scarf from that me and my Mum saw in a shop.

I bought one ball of the stripy one and made scarf no 1 which was good. It had a random pattern most of the way along until about 3/4 of the way through where the pattern settled and I had stripes for about 10 rows then it scattered again and went patterned. The blue is actually one of my Mum’s balls I think – She made me a scarf a few years ago and that was the ball that was left over – I love the scarf as it is really really soft.

Last but not least the little lilac ball is what is left of the lilac that was bought to make a cushion cover – I have several squares made ready to sew together I just need to get the other squares finished so that I can sew them together!

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