20SB Blog Swap: On Rains, Insomnia and Coldfeet

The past one week has been spent with sleepless nights, some bulk amount of anxiety and raindrops sounds on the window shields in my rooms. It has been cozy, considering I never woke up early enough to catch the sun. Even at the day of the Eclipse, I slept right through it. I’m such a fool.

As the marriage dates are drawing in closer, I’m getting a bit panic(y). It’s just the frustration of being so far away from my parents and friends. And starting everything from a scratch. I will really really miss my friends. In a way its all that I know. And once I marry and move to Melbourne, it’ll be a new place, a new country, no friends, no family. There’ll be him. I agree, but it’s hard. And I still cant get over the fact that I quit college midway.

There. I said it.

And now that I have, I’m gonna get my act together and deal the heck out of it. I have a lot of positives to look for. I’ll get to be with him, spend time with each other, my cousin lives there whom I absolutely miss and the like. And I’m sure I can make new friends. I will, I’ll just I don’t  know look around. So the mature thing would be to start sleeping on time, wake up earlier and help with breakfast and lunch with Mom and enjoy the rains from other locations other than just the insides of a blanket. But in retrospect I think, I’m getting married in two months and when again will I get to be a little baby again. So hell, maturity can wait till tomorrow 🙂

Rainy Dewy Mornings to all and Love,Nainy

PS: Thanks Hannah, for letting me write here. It’s great to know you, and maybe you can help me with one of those anxiety attacks that people get before marriage.

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