The One With The Youth Group Trip

So today is the start of the youth group residential. Its funny to be sat outside church watching people going to and from work etc. I’d say doing the school run as well but the school closest to us broke up on Friday for the Summer Holidays.

I keep remembering things that I’ve forgotten (need to pick up the camera and the blankets). I do love camping but I hate getting ready at the last minute. I also hate not knowing whether to pack warm clothes (for cold weather) or cool clothes (for hot weather). For example when Elle went off to Egypt and some other places on her travels a few weeks ago at least she knew it was going to be reasonably hot and that she’d maybe need a jumper in the evening.

Us on the other hand. At this moment in time the sun in shining and the only clouds in the sky are whispy little ones. However by the time we get to the campsite it could have clouded over and/or be raining (again praying that it doesn’t rain).

Depending on battery life I should be able to post while away.

Over and out….


  1. Katie says:

    Good luck! My father-in-law went camping in the Minnesota/Wisconsin/Michigan area somewhere and it was so much colder than expected. At night it got down to 36 degrees F and no one had packed long pants!

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