Our Blackpool Adventure 2014: Day 2

Our Blackpool Adventure 2014

Jaxon was a superstar and minus a quick feed around 3am-ish he slept all the way through until about 6:30am. I got up and fed Jaxon, then expressed enough milk that Chris could feed Jaxon again if needed. I got into my swimming costume and headed down to the pool. I haven’t been swimming for over a year. I actually think I haven’t been swimming since The Kiwi lived with us. That’s almost 3 years ago that she moved out.

I managed to do 6 lengths of the pool so that was about 130 metres. I did had to stop between lengths but I’m sure with practice it’ll come back again.

I got changed and went back to the room. When I checked my phone I had this picture from Chris.

While you were swimming

Both Chris and Jaxon were ready to go to breakfast so we headed down to the hotel restaurant. There were hot and cold options. I had two sausages, a fried egg and some bacon. Then had muesli and a bowl of fruit and yoghurt. It was more than I usually would have for breakfast but it was going to be a long day.

Following breakfast we got ourselves organised for the day and set out for the theme park. When we went to the Pleasure Beach last year we parked further up the coast outside of Blackpool itself and then caught the tram into Blackpool, we decided that rather than pay for parking in the town we’d walk to the park. According to Google Maps its 3 miles ish but it felt like miles more than that especially given the number of hills! Either way it felt like an achievement to walk that far and sometimes at Chris’s pace rather than my pace.

One crazy day!

We did three sort of laps of the park which was fine apart from the one bit where we had to carry the buggy up three or four steps and then down about ten steps. I swear every time we did it Jaxon had put on 5 kilos! Around half way through lap Two I took a time out to grab some lunch. I managed to eat all my lunch in the time it took Chris to do three rides that were close together.

A Chicken Royale from the onsite Burger King seemed like a good idea at the time (I would later stand on the scales at SW and have put on two pounds this week….)

Following lunch, I caught up with Chris and we continued on. His final ride of the challenge as Grand National. Chris pottered round and did some of the rides that he hadn’t done previously. In one of the shops I bought Jaxon a toy giraffe. I thought it would be okay for him however Chris wasn’t so sure so it’s been placed on the bookcase ready for when he’s a little bigger.

We had a wander along the promenade. I had wanted to take Jaxon onto the beach but Chris and I were both tired and beginning to get hungry so decided to get dinner instead. Jaxon wouldn’t have been able to necessarily experience the beach in the same way we would so maybe do that another time.

We went to Bella Italian for dinner. I had Spaghetti Carbonara but having eaten it I did think that I should have had Spaghetti Pomodoro instead. Oh well, I had burnt a heap of calories with all the walking I had done.

After dinner we walked back to the hotel via a couple of stops to feed Jaxon and do a little bit of shopping.

When we got back we were all very shattered so headed straight to bed. The end of day two.