Our Danish Adventure: Last Day

Each year we end up going somewhere different for our summer holiday. We’d look at a couple of ideas but still wasn’t really sure where we wanted to go. When Chris asked me and I said I didn’t know, I showed a map of Europe to Jaxon and got him to pick. Originally he picked Oslo but in the end we settled on Copenhagen. So here we go, our Danish adventure.

The first thing on today’s plan was to get up and get everything packed up. I had intended to it last night once Jaxon was asleep but Chris had dozed off on the bed next to me and I thought if I switched the bedside light on it could wake them both. So shortly after 7:30 when Jaxon had arrived in our bed, I got up and started to get things organised. Having spent the other evening getting most of the packing done I did have a good head start.

Chris’s backpack was packed as a day bag so I needed to get all the other bits we didn’t need during the day into the other two backpacks. Probably a bit easier said than done and I’m sure I had to repack things multiple times.

Once we’d all got dressed and packed up the remaining bits it was time to check out. We could have checked out as late as 11am but one of my plans for the day was very time specific.

Somehow one of Kara and Nate‘s videos popped up on my recommended videos on YouTube after I’d been on Google looking for things to do in Copenhagen. I watched the video and they talked about going to Christiania Freetown and going to Sankt Peders Bageri. Once I’d figured out that it wasn’t too far from our hotel and that actually it was really close to one of the playgrounds (legeplads) that was on the “To visit” list anyway it seemed like a good starting point for the day.

But why today specifically?

On a Wednesday…. ondsdagssnegl. Oh my goodness it was massive! If you imagine a cinnamon swirl but made of like a bread-y dough instead of flaky pastry and you had this pastry/cake/bread thing. It was more than we’d paid for the pastries we’d been having for breakfast (maybe £2.50ish each instead of 75p-ish) but given that it was a specific thing and our last day I think Chris would let it slide on this occasion.

Sankt Peders Bageri (Saint Peter’s Bakery) is the oldest bakery in Copenhagen. It’s had two major restorations over the years and now it’s a listed monument(?) as its part of the city’s history in a way.

Once we’d purchased our Ondsdagssnegl, we wandered up to Ørsted Park to find somewhere to have a mini picnic and then for Jaxon to burn off some energy around the park. We stayed in the park for around an hour and Jaxon made a new friend. The little girl was very chatty and told Chris and Jaxon all sorts of things in English. Including the fact that she’s 4 and is already bilingual.

We had planned to stay longer but there was an unexpected downpour that sent a lot of people diving for cover. We found somewhere to stand while we waited for the rain to pass.