Our Glamping Adventure – Day One

Back in September (ish!), I asked Chris to look at accommodation overnight when we were in Norfolk for Becca‘s Wedding. Chris came up with the idea that we’d go glamping in Norfolk. This time it would be in a yurt unlike when we went in the bell tent back in May. Yes. Glamping in November. (And according to the car as I start this post, it’s currently 4C – brr!)

Glamping in November - Our Week in Norfolk

I started this post on Day 2 of our glamping adventure. We were sat up the embankment/verge of the A47 southbound slip road onto the B1108. Yes, poor Zoe has run out of charge about two miles from the charging point. I have then been trying to get this trip written up since we got back but between Christmas, New Year and then January dashing past so fast that I’ve still not finished it.

Day One (Friday)

Following collecting Jaxon from Preschool, Jaxon and I walked home. By the time I got home my nerves were a bit frayed. Chris was getting closer and closer home from work and had wanted to leave as soon as he got home. We got home and while Chris sorted Jaxon I got the car loaded.

We got on the road and headed towards the rapid charger at Cambridge Belfry Hotel. While the car was in charge we popped into the local supermarket and got some tea as well as wooly hats for both boys and a scarf for Chris. In the crazy of getting out of the car, I left my phone in there. It probably wouldn’t have been a problem, but when Chris and I lost one another in the shop we couldn’t get hold of one another. He got a bit worked up but I stuck to the “not leaving the shop without each other” rule and waited for him. I guess if the delay had been too much longer one of us could have got the supermarket staff to tannoy the other or something like that.

We got back on the road and headed for the camp site at Yaxham Waters near Dereham. Thanks to the phone call from the site contact, we were able to find our way to the yurt without too many issues. Our biggest issue was going to be the lack of charge in the car. We arrived on site with about 10 miles of charge left in the car. It was going to be a close one getting to the charger but we were at the site which was the main thing for now.

We went inside and figured out where Jaxon was sleeping. We decided that we would put him on the bed closest to the log burner and radiator. This would hopefully keep him that bit warmer throughout the night. As he had fallen asleep in the car, we put him straight to bed fully clothed. Due to a miscommunication about bedding, we all slept in our clothes with a combination of towels and blankets to create some kind of bedding. Chris and I formulated a plan to make sure there was a solution on the bedding front. Next thing was to get the kettle on and warm us both up with hot drinks.

Minus changing out of my jeans into my jogging bottoms, I pretty much slept fully dressed. It was far too cold to even think about changing clothes by that point! Right now, our glamping adventure isn’t great but bring on tomorrow!

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    • Hannah says:

      Thanks for stopping by Sharon. There should be a link at the bottom of the post to take you to the whole series if you want to see the rest. ?

    • Hannah says:

      It varies. Some glamping tents are like mini marquees. The one we stayed in earlier in the year was a bell tent so was like a bigger camping tent with a proper bed. I think I prefer that tent over the yurt however the yurt was probably better for the weather in November!

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