Happy Three and a Half Birthday Jaxon!

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Not So Little One aka Jaxon aka Blueberry,

Three and a half years ago, you decided to enter the world. You were late and kept messing about but eventually with some encouragement you arrived (birth story). When you turned two, the birthday celebrations didn’t entirely go to plan. We came back from part one of your celebrations and I had got food poisoning so I spent most of your actual birthday in bed as I was poorly. Once you were better I tried to make it up to you. I’m not sure you really entirely got what was happening at the time but I felt so bad that I’d been poorly. Thankfully, with food poisoning not being contagious, Nanny and Grandad were amazing. They came over for tea, you all sat in the garden and had a picnic and I hid away upstairs. Nanny came to chat to me for a few minutes and she asked if I needed anything then came back to the party.

Since turning two, you have been on adventures all over the place. We are pretty sure that in the time you’ve been alived you’ve visited more countries than me. Clearly, I need some more adventures to even up the score. Last January when you’d turned 2.5, we went to Rome for the weekend. In the summer, you went on adventure with Daddy, Our Sidekick and Nanny. I took you on the train to Heathrow which you loved (Mummy not so much after nearly losing you!)

You started preschool shortly after your second birthday and have now been there a year. As you moved from one classroom to another your key worker has changed. I think this has confused you a little bit but you’re getting the hang of things now and it’s making more sense to you. You love the equipment in the preschool garden/playground. Nearly every time I come to collect you, you’re out there having fun. Jaxon, You’ll be focused on your task and one of the preschool teachers will tell you I’m there. You’ll look up at me and your face will light up. You’ll dash across to me, grab me by the hand and drag me to show me something. It’s usually the slide or the see-saw but you’re always so excited about it.

When you went back to Preschool after Christmas the first couple of days you’d run up to me at the end and cuddle me and say “I missed you Mummy”. Oh I missed you too baby!


Back in January, we all went to Rome. You were so excited about going on the plane and while we were on the plane you were so well behaved. You loved exploring the city but especially loved the random soft play area we found in the food hall near The Vatican. I think you could have spent hours in there if you’d had the choice! In the Summer, you went to Malawi and Kenya with Daddy, Nanny and Our Sidekick. You got to spend a week at the Home of Hope Orphanage in Mchinji and then for the second week you went to Nairobia and Kakamega to spend time with Our Sidekick’s family. You got to ride on more aeroplanes and from what Daddy tells me you were really well behaved again.

Hospital Visits

Following concerns about your speech delay and your walking we’ve been off to see lots of lovely doctors and other health professionals. Your walking has been fixed (Temporarily?) with special in soles that help your walking. Since coming back fron your trip with Daddy in the summer you haven’t stopped talking and go from strength to strength. Every day there are more words or new phrases. You cook up amazing combinations and yet they still work.

Good Boy

We go to knitting group and nearly every week you sit so well behaved. The ladies in the group who are grandmas often comment at how well behaved you are. One week, there was a little hiccup and you ended up sat the other end of the table from me. I was a little worried that you’d kick off or you’d be really naughty. But one again you were so well behaved. The ladies around you looked after you. One of the ladies commented that one day you might think that you have lots of Grandmas because of all these ladies looking after you. (When you relate that to how you were told to refer to Our Sidekick’s Grandma and Auntie means that I think you have 15 Grandmas! Haha!).

This last weekend, Daddy took you for a haircut and apparently you sat very still and followed every instruction you were given which was really good. Daddy came home and told me how proud of you he was.

Clever Boy

You love to learn. For your 3rd birthday you were given a number chart that is up in the hallway. Some days you’ll stand there and all other play stops until you get as far as you can. With help from Daddy you’ve made it all the way to 100. You can spell your name although writing is still a bit more of a challenge. You can line up your wooden blocks to spell your name too. You love rollercoasters and somehow manage to track videos of down in the YouTube Kids app. Recently you’ve also been wanting to watch videos of level crossings. You love stopping and watching the trains at the crossing on the way to Nanny and Grandad’s house. You love to watch Paw Patrol and Dinotrux at the moment. Home is one of your favourite films although over Christmas we watched Arthur Christmas quite a lot.

Jaxon We Love You

You’ve such a character. You can be really cheeky but you’re also very caring. In the evenings, we say that we have to be quiet because the baby next door might be asleep. Sometimes in the morning while we’re having breakfast you’ll tell me we still need to be quiet in case baby is asleep. Also when Daddy or I have been poorly, you’ve brought us blankets or cuddles to make us feel better.

You have a thing about babies at the moment, either we have to carry you like a baby (so cradle hold like you would a newborn) or we have to carry toys around like babies. This is kind of funny but some days you’re so squirmy that it doesn’t work!

Happy half birthday sweet boy. We love you so very much.

Mummy x