Plotting and Planning

My friend Nathan aka Wez (I know him as Wez as that’s his Twitter name – it feels weird calling him Nathan even though that’s his name lol) is planning a hypothetical adventure. His idea behind it is to blog about planning a 6 months ish trip. Because it’s hypothetical and it’s just to show the planning, money is unlimited.
He asked for suggestions of places and I gave him the following list

  • Canberra/Wollongong (Australia),
  • Taranaki (New Zealand),
  • Harajuku (Japan),
  • Angkor Wat (Cambodia),
  • Tiannanamen Square (China),
  • the Taj Mahal (India),
  • Auschwitz (Poland),
  • La Casa Di Giulietta (Verona, Italy),
  • Land’s End (Cornwall),
  • Brooklyn Bridge (New York),
  • Great Bend (Kansas).

Yes I know random choices – I was working on picking as many random places as I could think off lol. Clearly you wouldn’t necessarily really visit just these places – especially if you’re entering Cambodia and China then America – they might react funny lol.

Anyway, so the lovely Wez rewrote the list so that it made more sense and was in a logical order – so it’s starting in Australia heading West and finishing in Great Bend,. Kansas. At the moment he’s taking on more destinations but he’s also talking about things like when to travel and is there a better route than just hoping on the next plane and things like that. For example when it comes to Verona and Auschwitz – maybe you could get a train and travel through Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Italy (then again that’s the car route that Google gives me – it wouldn’t give me a public transport route).

You can read the first post requesting places here and the first of the series here.

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