Randoms – Prayer Time

I’m on of those people who pray in funny places – so on the loo or in the car on the way to and from work. (The loo is a random place I know but there’s like zero distraction – unless I clean the bathroom lol!)

Well anyway location doesn’t matter. I was in the car praying and the “broken and fatherless” bit of this quote came to me – I tried to Google it from my phone but an article from The Mail that was posted this morning about the riots kept coming up.

So here it is

“God is looking down and Hes smiling cos He sees a broken and fatherless generation, and he’s let them be a dancing generation and the reason is because this is the revival generation.”

(Delirious, History Maker live at Hillsongs Australia)

But I think the quote stuck with me because of the “broken and fatherless” bit – now in this quote it’s about how we are broken and without God but he restores us, The Mail article was talking about fatherless in the context of single parent families. But I think it’s right in both – we live in a broken generation – there are young people across the country trying to find happiness in material possessions, relationships that aren’t right for them etc.


  1. Lily says:

    I pray in odd places too. Sometimes I find myself praying and didn’t even recognize that I was at first. (I think that is what Paul means when he says “pray without ceasing” it isn’t on our knees 24/7)

    I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of the rioters. I also think it carries into other places around the world and it isn’t confined to the young. There are generations of people broken and fatherless, even when they have good earthly fathers.

    We are so quick to judge the rioters, the killers, the criminal, the …. you get the picture. But it does boil down to people broken, trying to fill the missing pieces with anything and everything, literally. (Please don’t get me wrong I believe they should pay the consequences of their choices, but I firmly believe before we become arm chair prosecutors we need to seek the heart of God on their behalf).

    Good post Doll.


    • Hannie says:

      Yeah I think that’s what Paul means because if you spend 24/7 praying on your knees next to your bed you wouldn’t get anything done lol. Then again I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do that – I think it’s important to spend time with God so having an hour or something a week where you are on your knees praying your socks off is a good thing 🙂

      I agree we live in a broken world and it’s not just the riots – it was just the way that particular bit just stuck in my mind and it wouldn’t budge – I needed to find the rest of the quote and finish it lol.

      I think people are judging the riots because when they were looting it wasn’t for food or medical supplies or things you might “need” to survive. They were looting TVs and mobile phones. My colleague at work showed me a picture of a department store here in Manchester or London and the rioters/looters cleared out the particular section in under 3 minutes – that’s crazy!

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