{Travel Thursday: No 10}

Travel Thursday

A travel experience involving illness or injury

Growing up I was a bit accident prone. One year we went camping near Dover – we’d been to visit a castle (Castle trips were like a staple of our holidays!) I was chasing my brother – I went to duck under a cannon except I didn’t judge how wide it was and stood up underneath it bashed my head. Not just a little bit it was very painful and made me feel dizzy – I may have even had a cry!. But if that wasn’t bad enough we sat down to eat our packed lunch and a bee or a wasp came and sat on my hand – I was freaking out a bit but sat as still as I could (while feeling dizzy!). My Dad swatted the waspie/bee away but it didn’t go so he tried again and it did an about face and stung me in the hand. (I think I was definitely crying at this point!). My whole hand puffed up and it looked like it was a human balloon. We went to a pharmacy on the way home to see if anything could be done – I’m not generally allergic to anything so for my hand to puff up we knew it was bad. We got to the pharmacy and they said to take antihistamines and have it strapped while the swelling went down. A few days later my Dad was still feeling bad about it, we’d taken the strapping off as the swelling had gone down – Dad gave me a hug and squeezed my hand only to realised it was my bad one and it made me jump because it was still sore.

When I was in Turkey I slipped over in the hotel lobby and bashed up my ankle and leg – at first we thought it was possible that I’d broken my ankle but actually I’d just sprained it which was fortunate.

When I went to Amsterdam we went to the Oude Kerk for a photo journalism exhibition. It was good fun but I was so focused on looking at the pictures that I stood on the edge of uneven slab and ended up in a heap. I’d gone over on my ankle – it wasn’t badly damaged but it was sore. We hobbled back to the hotel – Chris went out to get me tea (what a sweetie!) rather than me walk on it more than I needed to in case I did more damage in the end.

Ian B set the prompts and you can read Ian’s Post here

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