Reality TV

So I don’t really like reality TV some bits are funny other bits aren’t. I’m a celebrity just grosses me out – why should people be forced to complete tasks to get food – sounds like something out of Saw! lol.

I am more into music reality TV so I prefer things like Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing with The Stars (I watch it on YouTube – thanks to the many lovely americans who post clips – you can watch it on UKTV Gold but we don’t get it). I watch Strictly Come Dancing on BBC 1 rather than the X Factor. I sometimes watch the clips posted on YouTube as then you don’t have to watch all the waffle in the middle. Rhydian is good but he’s a bit odd if you get me.

Same Difference are a Brother and Sister group – I would say they are ok but they sang Breaking Free from High School Musical a few weeks ago and tbh it wasnt the best choice – after all it’s a love song lol.

On Saturday they sang this one which is actually really good. Not sure who I would like to win though. I thought that Mel B or Marie Osmond would have won DWTS but it wasnt to be Helio won!

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