Ops Meeting

So yesterday at work we had the ops meeting – this is where lots of different people across the company get together and organise bits like transport, hotels and crew amongst other things – it was only my second time at this meeting and I had to do the update – this is a spreadsheet that we put all the information in and then send it round everyone at the meeting so that they know whaat they need to do before each of the different jobs go out. Sounds simply believe me it’s not! I started as soon as I got in. I took a break to wrap a present as one of the guys in our office is leaving at the end of this week tomorrow and my hour for lunch. I also did a couple of other small jobs other than that I worked on it from 9 to 4 it really shouldn’t have taken that long and I know one of the other girls in the office turned round and said “Don’t ask HER she’s taking too long”. Hello it was my first time doing the update of course it’s going to take me longer than you – you’ve been doing it longer! Anyway it really upset me then when I showed the next attempt to the office manager her response made me cry – now she’s not a mean person, but I’ve been a bit off the last few days and been feeling under the weather – yesterday morning I stood in the HR Manager’s office and nearly fainted – I kept feeling like I was going to pass out or something – I hadn’t exactly slept well the night before and so I don’t know if that had anything to do with it but Mum has been poorly this last week so maybe i’ve come out in sympathy.

P.S. last night I wrote nearly 1000 words in just over an hour for my NaNoWriMo story!!!!!! About two weeks ago I totally lost inspiration and started another story – i then restarted a third story but have been able to use some of the second story in it which is cool. I am currently on about 4000 words and thats without the stuff I wrote while babysitting this evening.

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