Recently Off The Hook: Baby Blankets

Between the two knitting groups, I attend across a month. I tend to find that I have a number of projects on my hook. Over the last few months, with some help from my Mum, we’ve been working on getting some baby blankets crocheted and ready for the new arrivals.

This seemed like a good place to start with blogging more about my completed crochet projects.

Off the Hook: A Trio of Baby Blankets


Project Specs

Pattern: Granny Square Baby Blanket (Baby E, Baby Boy and Baby R)
Pattern Source: 
Yarn: From stash so it was a whole mix! Mostly a DK with a 3.5mm or 4mm hook
Date Started: August 2017
Date Finished: September 2017
Modifications: None
Final Measurements: There are around a metre square but this varies between the blankets.


Baby E’s Blanket

Baby E arrived at the beginning of September which was really exciting. I felt like I hadn’t seen her mummy very often recently so wanted to create her something lovely that her Mummy and Baby E could use lots. When starting new project now, I try to record which brand of wool I’ve bought. But this time I can’t remember! I either got it from Hobbycraft or Tudor Rose Patchwork as they are my usual go-to shops for wool (when I have a lift or our car!) so I’ll have to make sure I have a look for it next time I’m in those two and see if I can identify it.

Baby R’s Blanket

Next up we have the one made for Baby R. This was a bit of a mix and match from wool I had in my stash but again it’s all DK. I started with pinks and purples then decided to add the blue. The green sort of fell in by accident then ut works really well. 

Baby Boy’s Blanket

And last, this time, we have this one for Baby Boy. He’s still cooking so all I know is he’s a lovely little boy who’s going to be blessed by a couple of older siblings. This was a mix from my stash but in this case was all around blues and a bit of green. One of the variegated yarns had a lot of white in it, so some of the squares on this one look a little funny but yet it still works.

What do you currently have on your needles or your hook?