A to Z of Date Nights: C is for…Cineworld

With our Community Group stopping for the Summer Holidays, we had a free evening. With help from Our Sidekick to be our babysitter, we were able to make sure we were having a proper date night.  I jokingly said that we needed to try and do an A to Z of Date Nights. Of course, with Chris being the kind of guy who doesn’t want to turn down a challenge. He accepted my slightly crazy idea.

A to Z of Date Nights

C is for Cineworld

This was actually the date night that started the crazy idea. Three weeks ago I’d seen the trailer for Kingsmen: The Golden Circle and that somehow spun off the idea about the date nights. I booked the tickets and made sure Our Sidekick could babysit. Now that Bedford has both Vue and Cineworld, I started with research about the ticket price and showing times. Chris found that Vue do Super Mondays and we looked at going on Monday instead. But then Chris decided that it then had to be Cineworld so that it would fit in as C in the A to Z of Date Nights.

What did we think?

We both enjoyed it. Some of the fight scenes were heavily CGI-ed and looked really faked in places. Having said that the opening fight scene in the taxi did have some epic movies. The bit that I thought was very clever appears at 0:18 in the trailer above. According to IMDB a lot of the car chase was filmed in Birmingham – I did think that it looked less London and more Birmingham but thought I was mad. The writer seemed to have an obsession with the F-word as it appeared quite a lot in the dialogue. Elton’s cameo was funny and his part in the final scenes was epic. Overall it was good and I would watch it again.