Recently Off The Knitting Needles: Rainbow Baby Blanket
Made in 2023: Project 4

Project 4 is finished! Again it’s knitting. It’s a rainbow blanket for a friend of mine who is expecting her first baby. We’ve only been friends a few weeks and because of where I met her and the changes that are happening in the next fortnight ish, I might not see her again. But who knows – we might still be friends. We’ll see. Anyway, when she told me her news, I had to make something for her. I had lots of Stylecraft Special in Aran in my stash and it’s not usually something I use (I’d bought it for when I made the Rainbow Blanket from The Pigeon’s Nest)

Recently Off The Needles

Rainbow Baby Blanket

Pattern: Rainbow Baby Blanket (My Own Pattern – notes can be found below)
Needles: 6mm
Yarn: Stylecraft Special Aran in Matador, Spice, Saffron, Sage, Cornish Blue, Lavender, Purple, Fondant and Silver
2023g Challenge: 353g/2023g

When friends expect babies, I love to gift them a baby blanket or something else knitted. The probably started a while back maybe with this Baby Blanket. I love spotting them out in the wild or when the mummies share pictures with me of the blankets in use. It makes me so happy.

I started by casting on 150 stitches (I used the Long Tail Cast on but in theory any cast on would work).

At the start and the end, there are 6 rows of grey. Between each colour there is 4 rows of grey.

Each colour then slightly reduces each time. The red and orange sections are 40 rows, yellow and green are 30 rows, blue and lilac are 20 rows and purple and pink are 10 rows. I made sure to keep the colour change on the back so that it was a “crisp” line along the front.

2023 Gram Challenge Totals: 713g/2023g (35.24%).

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