Review: Smart Touch

Two or three months back my Mum was looking at getting a new phone. She was deterred at first from getting an iPhone or another phone with a touch screen as she struggles to use it – mainly due to her longer nails. However she borrowed my Brother’s old iPhone 3GS (He’d upgraded to iPhone 4 a while back) she was sold on the idea and decided to get one of them. But now I have a gadget that could have helped her. It’s called a Smart Touch.

It’s about 2 centimetres shorter than a normal Bic Cristal Biro which means you can carry it around in your pocket next to your phone or tuck it into that pen loop on your Filofax (if you’re a bit out dated like me – I have a smart phone but would rather use a paper diary!) It’s quite thin in comparison to other pens that I use on a daily basis and I would struggle to write a letter or something long like that with it comfortably but for quick notes and adding bits to my diary it’s perfect. (Currently I carry my Parker Cartridge pen which I think is a Frontier model, and a Pilot SnapClick which is like a biro anyway).
It arrived a few weeks back and I sat in the car park of the Sorting Office playing with it on my phone – I have a HTC Desire Z – the preset keyboard from HTC is a little small so I did catch odd buttons (for example an S instead of an A or a J instead of a H – so at one point my name was jsmmsh or something silly like that). I think this was more of a matter of getting the hang of where to aim – also thankfully because of autocorrect/suggestions it was able to fix the errors as I went.

I think the Smart Touch came into its own when I used it with Chris’s iPad – because the “buttons” for each letter are so much bigger than the ones on a normal iPhone or HTC handset it was easier to hit the correct letter first time.
All in all I found it easy enough to use but had to combine it with typing with the other hand as well to be able to do anything at any speed – if you were like my Mum who struggles to use a on screen keyboard this could be for you.

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This is a sponsored post and for full disclosure purposes, I received a free Smart Touch Elite Stylus in return for a product review.

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