{Travel Thursday: No 15}

Travel Thursday

Your Favourite City You Have Visited

Seriously just one city – that’s going to be a very tough choice. Well Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona are most definitely somewhere up there in the top ones and if we went back to any of them I’d be excited.

I went to Amsterdam with Chris for our honeymoon – I think it had always been on my list of places to visit but I’d never had the opportunity and I think other places would have come further up the list first. Having finished my dissertation, turned 21, done my final practical, got married and gone on holiday all in the space of about two weeks by the time Chris told me we were going to Amsterdam, I reacted disappointed, I think I wanted to go somewhere I’d been before because then if I did miss stuff it wasn’t the end of the world because I’d seen those things before. Looking back I think I was a meany to Chris, because in the end I really enjoyed Amsterdam. We used the tram system to get around while we were in the city and I would say that actually it was easier to navigate that the London Underground system. There is a Metro system as well but it only has four lines, Again not too complicated to navigate.

Next up is Paris. Paris is an amazing city – I’ve lived in Bedford my whole live but even going to Paris makes me feel like I’m at home – something in me just feels rested – it’s really strange (yeah I know I sound completely barmy!) lol. I stood in Gare Du Nord in the queue to get metro tickets when me and Chris went last year – I told Chris that I wasn’t entirely sure I’d be that good at asking in French for the tickets but I would give it a try, after all we were in French (when in Rome sprung to mind) – I then spewed out a sentence resembling “Je voudrais due billets pour due jours si vous plait” (I would like two tickets for two days please) and it seemed to work as the guy sorted the tickets – I was a little baffled when he told me the price as it was a little faster than I expected lol. Thankfully I could read the display on the till so that was okay. Chris was very impressed and since that trip every time I say I can’t speak that much French he tells me I’m a liar based on two basic tourist French conversations lol. (The other conversation was asking for directions to the supermarket right in the middle of Paris)

Last up was Barcelona, I went to Barcelona in 2003 (I think – I’m having a mind blank if any one remembers please correct me!) I was there with the school music department, we were staying in Tarragona and doing a tour of the area to play outside concerts. Majority I enjoyed the trip but there were a few bits I would change – I would love to go back to Barcelona and actually have a proper wander round rather than doing the high speed visits that you get on school trips. I did get to see La Sangrada Famiglia and it was amazing. That’s on the top of the list should I ever go back, it’s phenomenal.

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