Say Thank You to The Kiwi

For over a year now we’ve had a housemate, June 2009 we gained The Kiwi. She is super lovely and I am so grateful to her.

This weekend Chris is away and I decided that following the decision about not going to Yorkshire I would spend as much time as I can physically manage tidying the house – mainly my bed room because it’s getting really messy and it’s beginning to make my asthma play up (I only properly noticed this after I was away last weekend then came back home again)

So that’s what we’ve been doing. As I write this The Kiwi is being super and hanging out washing in the garden making use of the dry weather. We’re about to go to the charity shop and get rid of three bags of clothes and bits – two are mine. I’m also going to ask her if we can go to the local DIY store and have a look at drawer knobs for my chest of drawers and some kind of shelving unit to put on top of the chest of drawers for books and bits because they are going everywhere lol. I have so much junk and even with the three clear outs I’ve had since my birthday back in April there is still too much stuff.

I talk about having my own library if we ever build our Grand Designs house but I have a crazy amount of books – I keep meaning to catalogue them or something so that I know what I’ve got and what I haven’t but they are just all over the place lol. We’ve even had to start double-stacking them (two rows to each shelf).

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