seventeen: onehundredwords #73

100 Words Challenge for Grown Ups

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The prompt for this week is
…the notes from the piano….

I felt the warmth of the sun across my face through the window. Lying in the middle of the floor and drifting off to somewhere distant was one of my favourite pastimes. The notes from the piano invaded my consciousness. Why was it that as soon as I got comfortable and relaxed someone would come and interrupt. I’d spent most of the day dealing with grumpy people why couldn’t I just have some space to chill.

“Now I’m not relaxed” I thought to myself as I sat up grumbling and muttering. I may as well go find something to do instead.


  1. Rachael 'Honest' Blair says:

    I like this, I know the feeling… I do love music but there is so little silence in my life I really savour it and a sudden interruption can completely destroy the feeling of relaxation.

    I feel like this could be the start of a longer piece, too…?

    • Hannah says:

      Hey Rachael, thank you for your comment 🙂 I think lots of people know the feeling whether it’s reading a book and then getting a cold call, or a Mum doing something they like only for their child to interrupt for the 10th time in the last 20 minutes.

      I’ll work on a longer piece and maybe post it in a few weeks time 🙂 I’ve done NaNoWriMo the last few years – although only completed once.

    • Hannah says:

      Hey! Thank you for the comment! I’m used to it now lol. It’s usually when I’m focused on a blog post or some other task and Our Sidekick or Chris needs my attention lol.

      That makes me sound like it’s all the time but it really isn’t and most of the time, I can manage to hold the thought and come back to the thing I’m working on lol.

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