Sleep or Lack of

So come the morning I am going to be a grumpy moo.

I can promise you now. It’s 3:22am I can’t sleep. It’s probably my own fault from sleeping till 12:15pm today!

The last time I was this insomiatic I was in my early teens and I read for Britain (hence the ability to spell random words!)

It’s driving me nuts. If I knew where the book was that Mrs Mow Mow lent me I would be reading that, if I didn’t fear that I would wake CJ up I would do some more Hanjie puzzles and then move onto Sudoku and Kakuro. I’ve already watched Casualty (think ER just British and not as good!) and Top Gear (car show. Presented by three blokes who like to insult and take the mickey out of each other!).

The hot chocolate we have is the stuff you make with milk rather than water so I can’t make any (as I don’t know how to!)

Counting sheep annoys me!

I could start reading Jane Austen as that might send me to sleep but that is in the living room and the challenge is not to start till January 1st.

Anyhoo I’m going to email my mum about some bits then try for sleep again.


Goodnight you princes of Maine you kings of New England – The Cider House Rules.

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  1. David says:

    Wasn#t Nat sweet! did make me panic coz we checked averywhere inside church and she was nowehere to be seen so she had to be outside church AND I have just started reading ‘the shack’ which made my mind go into overdrive for a couple of minutes.

    If it is any consolation I didn’t sleep well last night either (again!) am getting pretty fed up with being awake half the night nearly every night!

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