Don’t Vanish!

So today was Sunday and I should have got up and gone to church. I woke up at about 9:30 and felt like I’d been hit by a bus or something so decided I’d go back to sleep rather than get up.

I woke up at about 12:15pm I went to check my phone and CJ was already on the way to my Parents house. So I got up and got dressed as quick as I could so I could get to Mum’s in time for lunch.

We had a roast dinner which was lovely. We all sat round the table which was good – something about family time is just good.

After lunch I helped Dad to load the dishwasher. It took ages to sort stuff because it was half packed anyway from breakfast stuff. After packing the dishwasher we played Pub Quiz (me and my Mum won by one point which is amazing in itself as my Dad is a walking encyclopedia!)

Then we had a game of University Challenge. It’s kinda like the TV show. There are four levels of questions, the hardest level is equivalent to the questions on the show. We had two rounds the first was at the second easier level and then to see if it was too easy we had a round at the easiest level. It was funny because we won the easier round.

After those two we had a game of Scrabble – Chris and Dad played individually against me and Mum who had a team – I’m not keen on Scrabble but I played because everyone wanted to play. Vicky arrived in the middle of the game of Scrabble and came to hang out with my brother. We then had tea together round the table. After tea we played Trivial Pursuit. My Dad won but we knew that would happen!

After the game I quickly checked my phone and had a couple of emails. I quickly checked them and saw that Mr C had posted on Facebook about his day. Turns out that after church Princess Nat did a vanishing act, as explained here (copy and pasted from Mr C’s Facebook Note:

Natalie did one of her disappearing acts again, this time to be found on the doorstep of No 90 (the office next door!) she told me that she was looking for Hannah, just to explain, Chris (our youth worker) and Hannah, used to have a flat in where the offices are but don’t live there now but Natalie got used to seeing Hannah there sometimes when we used to go into the office so presumably hoped to see her there, Hannah wasn’t at church this morning, a little over tired from all the Christmas Celebrations I think, anyhow, Natalie had obviously missed her and wanted to see her.

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