Slimming World Sunday #7

Slimming World Sunday

Hey there! It’s Sunday which means it’s Slimming World Sunday. Stephanie from Raising Emily and myself “resurrected” the idea and we’d love it if you could leave your link below.

If you’d like to join in the button and code is at the bottom along with the rules for the Link Up. For now here’s my post:

Good Morning one and all. How are you all doing today? I’ve been fighting off a cold this last week, I’m less snotty now but I’m still coughing which isn’t so great. This really didn’t help when it came to eating – having a cold and being ill always makes me want to eat comfort food and often the more junky the better – issues!

I stood on the scales on Thursday and got all excited thinking I’d lost two pounds. I then reread my book and realised I hadn’t, I’d actually put on half a pound – not good – really not good!

I started mentally drawing a layout for a food diary to go in my Midori Notebook (think a Filofax but you can add whole bound notebooks instead of just singular pages – I think it works much better for me than my Filofax and I can fit more in it then a normal notebook – but no this isn’t about my clear addiction to notebooks and pens lol).

On Thursday I was determined that I would try and make sure there was an SW friendly dinner ready to hit the plate when I got in from group rather than the usually “What shall we do?” kind of question. I misjudged how long it would take me to make it but I attempted to make the Chicken and Bacon Pasta Bake that Stephanie shared the other week. I didn’t have quite all the ingredients but I had the majority so I went with that. I ran out of time so didn’t get as far as cutting the fat off the bacon so that was bad. I ended up telling Our Sidekick to add Bowl 1 to the Pasta, tip it into tray 2 cover with cheese and bung in the oven when I text. It worked though and we all had stuffed tummies – it even worked as leftovers on Friday.

Friday’s tea was then again an SW recipe – we attempted the Pizza Topped Chicken but I didn’t entirely follow the recipe to the letter so I don’t think it worked as the recipe intends but it certainly again filled our tummies and we are all good. Also we had a mammoth potato, so I had two big potatoes and that was enough chips for three of us and spares! (I think the boys kept snacking on the chips on the way past the tray Friday evening before clearing up!)

I made the fatal error of buying chocolate yesterday morning, thinking it would be okay, I would figure out the syns and it would be fine, except I keep thinking about it and it’s there in my handbag next to me on the sofa as I write this and I’m desperately trying not to reach for it while I sit here, firstly because I know that Chris will tell me off or ask me how many syns are in it but also because I know in the morning I’ll be a bit like “Why did you do that? You’ll never get to target”.

Anyhow! Tomorrow is a new day, draw a line and start again, going to draw out the food diary pages in my notebook for this week and keep track. If any of you would like to tweet me to check up on me I would appreciate it. My Twitter is @HannahJBlogs.

Going to sign off here as I have things to go and finish but I hope you all have a great week and stand on the scales to a beautiful loss, if you maintain – at least it wasn’t a gain and if it’s a gain, turn over a new leaf/draw a line and keep on going you can do it!

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  1. Lindsay @ Newcastle Family Life says:

    half a pound is only a tiny gain I am sure you will lose that plus more this week. Well done on going home and having something healthy if I have a bad weigh in I normally go home and eat junk to cheer myself up ( which ends up making me feel worse ) I have never tried the pizza topped chicken yet although I keep meaning too xx

    • Hannah says:

      I’ve done that many a time and you’re right it makes you feel worse. Give the pizza topped chicken a go – it’s lovely (even when it was a disaster like mine!)

  2. Mandy Walsh (@RTR_Blog) says:

    I was in the gain club last week and really disgruntled about it, but I agree its best to draw a line and start again. I have tried both the recipes above and they are firm fans here to!

    • Hannah says:

      I always find recipes that are SW friendly but also boy friendly – it’s pointless giving them a bowl of salad because it wouldn’t get eaten. Then again this evening Our Sidekick did us a version of chicken and bacon salad with boiled eggs – it was so good!

  3. Hannah says:

    Well done for losing! You can totally do it! Someone once said with running that half the battle is getting out the front door – once you’re there its sort of downhill. Maybe cycle to a group that you’d normally go in the car to if you can or something like that.

  4. Leanne Cornelius says:

    Good luck this week, it sounds like you’re very prepared!
    I’ve had a bad week so am once again, dreading the scales! I’m so close to my stone but seem to keep ruining my chances of getting there. I keep reminding myself that it is a journey not a sprint and that I need to enjoy myself!


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