Currently…14th September 2015

Currently 14th September

Currently… Watching
Chris was out at a church event on Thursday so I spent the evening blogging and watching TV. I started with an episode of Criminal Minds (ones I’d figured out which ones I’d seen and which I hadn’t!). Then I flicked over for Who Do You Think You Are? – Last week it was Gareth Malone which was really interesting, turns out he has music and show business in his blood.

Jaxon and I have been watching lots of Thomas and Friends on YouTube since Netflix took their episodes down. We’ve also been watching an animated adaptation of Heidi. It’s pretty good but we are running out of episodes now… need to find something else for him now – or start him over from the beginning.

Currently… Reading
I’m still reading The Other Side of Silence, it’s still really interesting but still taking me time lol.

Currently… Making
I’ve been working on my journal and then been making videos and posting them on my YouTube Channel (Yeah I have a channel!). Some of it is a bit “rambley” but I am working on it!

Currently… Eating
I stood on the scales at SW on Thursday and decided that I really was going to do something about it as I’ve stalled.

Currently… Working On
Various bits and bobs, mainly work bits, house work bits and then the journal and YouTube videos

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