Slimming World Sunday #9

Slimming World Sunday

Hey there! It’s Sunday which means it’s Slimming World Sunday. Stephanie from Raising Emily and myself “resurrected” the idea and we’d love it if you could leave your link below.

If you’d like to join in the button and code is at the bottom along with the rules for the Link Up. For now here’s my post:

This week wasn’t a good week. Some days when we need an instant tea it’s really hard to find something low syn – does anyone else have that issue or is it just me?

In general it wasn’t a great week even though I’d started with such determination. I did a Crossfit class on Monday and I think that just made me feel a bit sucky for the rest of the week. My legs were killing me  on Tuesday and Wednesday so getting out and doing any exercise was really hard. Even climbing up and down the stairs was making me wince. I’m not sure about doing the class tomorrow but I think as I’ll be driving in the morning rather than walking like last week I might feel better in general, I guess we’ll have to see! 

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