Currently…21st September

Currently 14th September

This post was originally started using a prompt from RUKristin. You can find that here. Have a good week!

We finished watching Heidi this week. I do hope there is a second series. I found Long Way Round and Long Way Down on Netflix so I watched them pretty much back to back. When I saw them the first time round I got super excited and even looked into getting a moped or a scooter (riding a motorbike would have probably been okay but Chris always got a little nervous when it came up in conversation. One day I’ll make a friend who has a motorbike and will take me out for a ride. I don’t mind riding pillion)

I’m still readingĀ The Other Side of Silence. It’s a bit heavy to be reading all the time. I keep trying though! I’ve been reading knitting patterns too. About two years ago I asked Judit at Monster Yarns to help me find a pattern and to knit a jumper. By the time we’d figured out what I was going to make I’d signed up to Slimming World and then found I was pregnant so my body was about to go through a fairly massive change size and shape wise, so I put that on the back burner and left it there, I made lots of other projects in the mean time. It’s now two years on and I’m about half a stone away from target, so I’ve decided to try and make myself a jumper.

I’ve been working on my journal some more. I got as far as casting on some stitches for the jumper that I think I am going to make but I need to undo them and redo them because they are just too tight and I’m not going to be able to knit into them. Also I think I did the wrong type of cast on so I might need to restart for that fact too.

I’ve been have a mixed couple of weeks and it’s still going. I’ve been feeling better this last week and that generally gives me back my drive to be focused on what I eat. However I do have a sore throat so that’s making me feel really unmotivated again and cold things like ice cream and ice lollies are working best to sooth my throat a bit. If it’s still hurting by Wednesday or Thursday I think I’ll be off to the doctors to see if it’s something like Laryngitis or Tonsillitis. The back of my throat is all red and inflamed but I can’t see if my tonsils are up so we’ll see about that.

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