So it’s now

A while back I posted about getting a new hair cut, Now I really do need/want a hair cut.

Blue Emo Hair

I went all emo and tried to cut in a emo fringe – which works when I can be bothered to straighten my hair.Other than that it’s quite long – probably longer than I’ve had it in years. Been trying to find some hair cuts that I like – as soon as you google Emo Hair – it talks about cutting your own hair etcetc which I don’t mind because I’m up for anything when it comes to my hair – after all I can wear a woolie hat and grow it out if it goes wrong. Also about the cutting my own hair – it shouldn’t be that much of a big deal CJ cuts his own (or gets me or Mr W to cut it for him!)

HighlightsI like the blonde bits in this one….

As much as cutting my own hair seems like a cool idea but I think my Mum would go nuts – ever since we were little my brother and me have been going to the same hairdressers. Do you reckon I can just use normal scissors or will I need to go to the hairdressing shop and buy some?

Pink and Blonde Hair

If I didn’t seriously risk getting told of at work I would have my hair done like this…

Then again I work in an office, in the middle of nowhere and the small amount of contact we do have with the outside world is quite small. Or something like this I have had pink hair before. It was like the bottom layer between my ears at the back – I liked it but when the pink began to wash out it started going ginger then blonde completely – The blonde was ok because it worked against the brown/black of the rest of my hair.

White blonde like this one would just look wierd on me because I’ve got olive complexion. (Apparently this is Jes Rickleff)


  1. God's Rock Angel says:

    Again none of these photos on this post are my hair. My hair is currently dark brown as I haven’t got round to redying it to black yet.

  2. kayla says:

    hey look for me on myspace and can you please tell me where you got this hair color 🙂

    pleaseee and thank you 😀

    Godsrockangel: (I deleted the myspace link from this post as it doesn’t work)

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  4. God's Rock Angel says:


    You’re the only one with a problem. This website was designed by a professional web designer I think he knows what he was doing.

  5. God's Rock Angel says:

    Because I wanted it pink.

    And no I don’t think a 6 year old could do it unless he’s Charlie Epps or something

  6. Josh says:

    hey is that blue hair real cuz my mom dont believe me ….. she goes its a wig its a wig but i say its not….is it cuz those colors r awsm and i love them

  7. Ellen says:

    The top hair cut looks freaking awsome….my mom is a cosmetologist and im getting my hair dyed just like this its already cut like this. FABULOUS,!

    -Ellen Marie.

  8. kristina♥just that punk/scene girl♥ says:

    ive got my hair cut just like the blue/white one. I saw it and absolutely ♥♥♥ed it!my hair is already naturaly blonde, so now i wanna add some black and electric-purple accents. i love it! i like the blue coler, but im kinda leaning more towards the purple.

  9. mj says:

    i wish i have a straight hair , so i can make a hair style like that , .. .. my classmates told me im an emo c0z i cut my wrist . . . but i told them , how can i be an emo ? i have a curly hair and i don’t wear black shirts c0z i’m already black …. but now im already wearing emo shoes , jeans . . . my only problem is my hair ….*sigh*

    pls. help me … i want 2 be emo ….

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      Just be yourself!

      Don’t try to conform to someones idea of what you should be! If you wanna be an emo with curly hair you do it! I have wavy hair and having it in my eyes bugs me like mad!

  10. Rawr!!Lukas says:

    hey my hair looks kinda like the top 1 but no matter wat i still get called emo but i dont cut well i do sometymes cos well it jus feels right im thinkin bout suicide 2 but yea anyway how do yuhh get ur hair so bright and shiny cos i really wish that was my hair

  11. Colourful Chaos says:

    my hair is like the top but except the blonde at the back i have candy pink and i have the same blue. My hair is just longer. The top pic is nice though!

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