st. george’s day

St. George's Day
Back in January, after I had been to a Burns Night party. I asked complained about celebrating St. George's Day. Something along the lines of this:

I’m pretty much completely English and there doesn’t seem to be any traditions where we celebrate being British or things that we’ve achieved. You’ve got Burns who was a Scottish Poet and St Andrew’s Day. You’ve got St Patrick’s Day for the Irish and St David’s Day for the Welsh. Some of the shops in town close down when it’s Eid because of the percentage of their staff have got religious celebrations. There’s Canada Day, Independence Day and Australia Day if you want a few more.Maybe we should be having a Shakespeare Party or making more of a deal about St George’s Day. Well either that or I’ll become Scottish or Irish by adoption lol.

Well, as it happens in my current temporary job we're having a St. George's Day party later today. Well I'm super excited – it means that it'll be harder work today but it'll still be good. See you on the other side.

BTW, it's also Shakespeare's Birthday – Happy Birthday Will!



  1. James Newhouse says:

    Wow! You’re really lucky to be having a party. I’m quite jealous. I’ve got a couple of flags on my desk and one hanging out of my window.

    People are also quick to forget that this is (like St David’s and St Patrick’s) a Christian celebration and a time to remember those early Christians who were prepared to die for their beliefs abroad. I’ve seen a lot of people putting out Anti English messages today (as if we are the reason the world is so bad) and they’re using the fact that St George wasn’t English to wind people up. He may not have been English but English values were synonymous with Christian values and this should not be forgotten.

    • Hannah says:

      Hey James!

      Sorry for the delay in replying. It was hard work for the party but was still quite good, we had Classic FM on the radio and it was all Shakespeare themed music which was interesting.

      I saw a couple of posts about St. George and where he came from but didn’t really have that much time to make a proper note about it.

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