this weekend i… #TWI

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I… had a fab catch up with some school friends. We worked out while sat round the table for lunch that some of us hadn’t seen each other for about 13 years – how have we all been left middle school that long already?

This Weekend I… made trifle – well I attempted to make it – I didn’t have enough cream and the cream that I did had didn’t really work and so the custard and cream turned into an interesting mess and so it was nicknamed Eton Trifle Mess or something like that. It still tasted lovely and filled a hole!

This Weekend I… started writing a Pre-30 Bucket List – On Saturday it’s my birthday (and I’m excited!) normally around this time I’m writing a “X before I’m X” list which was the original plan for this year but then I decided I’d write a longer list and have about three ish years to complete it in.

This Weekend I… well we started bouncing ideas round about various things – why is it the best ideas come at the funniest times……

This Weekend I… helped Mum make some birthday cards – well I folded bits of paper and tweaked bits while she finished up some other bits to get started on the cards.

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