Super Grandad to the Rescue!

If I was any good at drawing, right now I would be sketching out a picture of my Grandad dressed as a superhero, I say superhero but he’d be wearing blue overalls with a cape and his Jesus sandals lol.

On Thursday after band, a friend pointed out that the front drivers side wheel was a little bit low on air and that I really probably should go stick some in it before going home. So I did. The car then spent most of the weekend in the driveway or parked outside church.

I was on my way home from work yesterday and the steering went a bit funny – at first I thought I’d just clipped a bump, it was about two metres later that I realised it had goe funny because I had a flat. I pulled over straight away and examined what had happened.

Unfortunately I hadn’t really stopped in the best place as there was a transit van across and along the road a little bit from where I had stopped and the traffic had to keep giving way and things like that. I got out my phone and called That Boy so he knew why I wasn’t home at normal time (especially as we were due to go to the cinema) While I was on the phone I got the jack out of the boot and then once I was off the phone I got the spare wheel out and put it on the curb next to the car.

Now normally I would have had the cover off the wheel and would have attempted to get the wheel off myself but with the fact that it was quite a busy road I decided that I would sit on the passenger side of the car and call Grandad. I phoned him and he said about being in the middle of his tea (I did say to finish his dinner first but I have the feeling that he dropped everything to come and help me out).

So SuperGrandad arrives and I stand there feeling like a complete loser, he takes off the cover and normally the bolts are done really tight with one of those air pressure screwdriver thingies, well Grandad undoes them like they are nothing lol.

After a little while the traffic starts to calm again so I go and stand next to the car and help where I can lol. My job was then to undo the jack that was holding the car up as Grandad did the bolts back up again on the spare.

When I got home my brother was about to go shopping so I asked him and my housemate to get a big jar of chocolate raisins for him, he really loves them and he’s helping us with some other bits round the house so it’s like a super big thank you.

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