Wedding Wednesday (A response to Kaelah)

There are a few blogs that I read every time there is a new post and most of the time I drop a comment and leave it there but I decided to join in on this one lol.

The super lovely Kaelah does a post on a Wednesday (or sometimes Thursday lol) called Wedding Wednesday and each time she posts some super cute pictures of weddings that she’s found across the internet.

Well today she ended her post with:

And for the weekly wedding question: Dresses! Often seen as one of the most important facets of a bride’s big day! What style of dress are you fond of? What would you like to (or what did you) sport down the aisle? Princess skirt? Mermaid? Stark White vs. Ivory? Lace or Beading? Or just a simple little white sundress to keep it casual? Let’s hear them all!

Well that was that I decided I would post some of my pictures and link back to her blog. All my photos on this post were taken by my best friend Kewey. She came and did my make-up (she was allowed behind the scenes lol).

I loved my dress. When I started looking I decided that I didn’t want something skinny and slinky because I’d look really silly because I’m not really skinny enough to carry it off.

I looked at coloured dresses as well – ¬†mainly because I’ve never really got on with white outfits – I usually end up spilling something down it. I also looked at dresses with sleeves but decided that even thought it was the middle of May it could have been really warm. My other main stipulation that the straps were wide enough that I didn’t have to worry about falling out of the dress. Having been a waitress for a catering company during my teens, I’ve seen many brides having to hitch their dress back up again because of the lack of straps!

My only main issue was that the boning that supported the corset style top kept digging into my ribs. It’s worth making sure you are comfy and sitting down in the dress in the middle of the shop and slouching to make sure you are comfy – it’s a long day but soooo worth it lol.

Before The WeddingBack of the Dress
And of course silly pictures are a must:
Jazz Hands

My friend on FB said that although all my serious pictures were lovely there was something about this silly one that was just sooo me!
Climbing Frame

As explained at the top the idea is Kaelah‘s and my post is just a response to that. I’m happy for the photos to be re-posted but please let me know first and link back here thank you muchlie.

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