The first 300 ish

So below is a long blog post – it’s the first 300 words ish of my story for NaNoWriMo – I decided that I would post it on here so it saw the light of day in some form. There are websites now where you can upload files and they will print and bind them – if you want to read the rest of my story when I finish it (if i finish it lol) drop me a message and I’ll see what I can do. Maybe I could post installments!
Hi I’m Lottie, indie emo chick I would say. I live in Bedford not exactly the centre of the universe but I think it’s somewhere near.

I am writing this diary to somehow explain my existence I guess. Not in the sense of Creation versus Evolution (Note: Yeah I’m emo, but I’m a Christian I don’t do the whole cutting thing for one it makes a mess and two you get scars).So the whole diary thing started again to prove existence and second I have a wild imagination and need to get my ideas down before they escaped my grasp.

Here’s a bit about me, up to six months ago I lived with my parents and sister. I moved out when my sister went to uni and Mum and Dad split up. Something about Dad no longer loving Mum and he’d been with her for the last few years pretending he could survive with her till I got to uni. Obviously didn’t look as I left school went to uni but lived at home. He was hoping that I’d move away and he’d somehow vanish. I guess you are probably going “but what about your sister?” and “what is her name?”

Well she’s called Emily, yes I know my Mum had a thing about the books by the Brontes so I was Charlotte (well Lottie) and she got Emily. Mum went to uni and did English Literature. She met Dad in the Student Union Bar. If it was possible it was love at first sight. You know the cheesey “their eyes met across a crowded room” scenario. It was the late seventies early eighties when they met. It would have been 25 years next year if they’d stayed together. I guess something good is that they are just separated and not divorced at the moment so they might get back together one day I guess.

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