It’s The Week Already

Well it’s not quite it’s still Sunday evening but it may as well be the week again – I swear I have no life now lol. I work 9 to 5 Monday to Friday (Is there a cue for a song there???) and then do youth work every other friday and every Sunday evening. Which works out that my time is 5 til bed during the week and then about 10pm through to 6pm on Sunday obviously minus the sleep. Not sure I will be getting much sleep next weekend though I think my friend’s girl might be to excited to have me staying over. How do you entertain a 9 year old? I tried to thing what Tubi (my cousin) was like back then 4 years ago I was 18ish I’d nearly completed my first term at uni and was looking forward to crashing in a heap over the holiday to recover from my assessments. Tubi was 9 and would have just started at Middle School I think (I think my friend little girl has an early birthday whereas me and Victoria are born after Christmas – she is January and I’m April). Well I have to go my laptop is about to keel over on me and I really want to finish this post. So ttfn my lovelie have great week I have to be up for work ttfn

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